Hey, Heather Bee is the personal website of Heather Bunch. It was created in early 2013 to house rambles too wordy for Twitter.

In mid 2017, I chose to reboot HHB, as I have grown tremendously from the person who created the blog four years ago.  Whilst I still love gaming and fashion, things from here on out are going to be a little more personal.

 Bzz Bzz

  • I am common-law married to my high school sweetheart, Jake. We have been together since our sophomore year, 2005.
  • I use my maiden name professionally. Whenever we “officially” tie the knot, I plan to take his last name.
  • I have generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, and agoraphobia. I speak candidly about living with mental illness in hopes that it helps bring solidarity to those in a similar place.
  • Eventually, I want to earn my M.A. in Library Sciences so I can work as a teen librarian.
  • Singing along to Disney soundtracks makes me as happy as a clam.
  • Our household has five cats and two frogs, all rescued!
  • Terrible puns are my favourite.