Soothing Essential Oil Blends

After acquiring my first essential oil diffuser, I have become obsessed with trying out new scents and combinations. Living with anxiety and the insomnia that frequently accompanies it, I tend to gravitate toward “sleepytime” or “calming” scents. These four mixtures have been in heavy rotation lately and they really do help ground me* when I am feeling particularly high strung.

I mostly diffuse Edens Garden* oils, but Rocky Mountain Oils and Mountain Rose Herbs are also great companies to purchase from. I do not condone the MLM sales model so I cannot speak for doTERRA or Young Living, though they are quite popular. Be sure to look for therapeutic grade oils, as some oils you purchase at grocery chains can be diluted or have additives included.

*Personal Disclaimer: EOs are great for supplementing your medicinal routine but they are NOT meant to replace proper psychiatric care. Take particular care if you are pregnant, nursing, or have small kids in the house as some herbs are unsafe for children.
** Affiliate link: If you purchase through my link, I get 50 Aroma Notes, which is EG’s reward currency.

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