Bullet Journaling: An Introduction

If you are even faintly into organization or journaling, you have more than likely heard of Ryder Carrol’s Bullet Journal system. It is kind of a big deal.

Even if you are not the kind of person who gets giddy over office supplies, stay with me! I promise that if you need an analog system to keep your shit in order, this one is pretty dang awesome.

What makes the Bullet Journal unique from other planning systems is that it was created to be forgiving. You do not have to wait until January or August to start, like most standard planners. I literally began my bujo journey in the middle of June!

While there is an “official” branded Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal, there is no obligation to use it. In fact, you are encouraged to use whatever kind of notebook that works for you. That could be anything from a spiral notebook you snagged during a killer back to school sale or an artisan crafted travelers notebook. Your journal can be as simple or as complex as you decide; some users keep bare boned to-do lists, while others turn their spreads into works of living art. Me? I am kind of in the middle. I am no artist but I enjoy the use of colour and I try to keep things aesthetically pleasing.

One of my “bare bones” weekly spreads before the week began.

The biggest appeal I saw to the bujo over traditional planning was the option to track my mental and physical health. Taking the time to write down how I feel each day and logging tasks that I complete helps me keep better in tune with myself. I live with major depression and adult ADHD, so I need structure. My life without structure spirals into a nightmare. Being able to turn to a page and see that the last time I showered was last week is helpful with recovery, as is the ability to look over what I could have ate that upset my stomach.

I deal with chronic nausea and various gastro issues, so I keep daily notes to how food makes me feel.

My next post about bullet journaling will be how I made Staples ARC system work for me.


3 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling: An Introduction

  1. I really struggled to keep up with the weekly spreads in my BuJo and just use it for half-arsed lists these days, but hoboy I love the system. I think if I could be arsed, it’d be great for my mental/physical health but I just don’t use it. THUS I love seeing it work for other friendos. 😀

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